Image Editing And Retouching By Lorna Knightingale

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a photographers job is retouching and editing images. Once your session is over, I immediately download your RAW files and create a backup version for you. These images will then be culled, leaving only the very best portraits and ones deemed suitable for the retouching aspect of my work. It can take from 10 minutes up to an hour to retouch a single image depending on the requirements. Some may require more attention than others like a blotchy and flaky skin on newborns, under eye circles on exhausted new parents and background edits removing distractions and creases in clothes or blankets. While I have my taste in retouching is a light hand, I consider any requests you may have. I love to see the texture and natural beauty in my portraits, and I don’t like people to be overly edited or look unreal. I will always remove temporary issues like spots, a little rash or scratch. Permanent scars can be softened but not erased, the same with wrinkles and birthmarks.

I only want to perfect what I see. Retouching gives my images that professional magic that comes with over 20 years experience editing images. While hand editing is time-consuming, it provides a beautiful, timeless look to your portraits. Nasty fashion filters on many social media sites and apps ruin this hard work, and this is why it is not permitted for clients to do this with images that they have not taken themselves.

Here are some beautiful examples of my edits. Each edit was what the client wanted.