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In-person one-to-one education. For at least two hours plus, you will also get a detailed brochure that ensures you remember some key points discussed during the workshop.


I am offering workshops reserved for photographers 35+ miles away from my location. The workshop takes place at your studio or space. When I was learning, I would find that the educator would be in a luxury studio or part of the world with very sunny weather, so the images would often be different because the light, equipment and space were specific. I want you to get the best out of your studio, equipment, and room.


I will bring my "stand-in baby" to show posing for two natural-looking setups that are "a little posed" and for a simple wrap/swaddle for posing with siblings and parents. You can hire these dolls on their Facebook page for £85 to practice with, should you need to. Alternatively, we can also arrange for a newborn to work with at an extra cost because we need to supply images to the models.

I teach my camera settings, approach to a session, the safety aspects of working with a newborn, hand-editing in photoshop and general business advice. I have been working professionally for 11 years, and I love what I do. Newborn safety and good customer care are paramount, plus the health and safety of your business. I aim in this workshop to provide you will more than enough information that every session you do from then on will be so much better as a result.

If I learn only one thing during a workshop, which improves every session I do, it is a gamechanger and worth so much more than whatever I paid for it.

- Lorna Knightingale


I am so fortunate to have learned from the following amazing photographers.

The combination of what they taught me has shaped my journey as a photographer with in-person workshops over many years.



Jean Smith in the USA

MK Slowinski Netherland Workshop

Jaren Pfifer Lynch in Manchester
Hilary Gauld Camilleri in the USA
Tamara Lackey in the USA

Magdalena Berney in Scotland


Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family & child photography
on-location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Newport, The Vale, and the South Wales area.
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Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family and child portraits on location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Penarth, Caerphilly, The Vale and South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales Number 07976762