Hello, Thank you for stopping by! I am Lorna, Mum of three boys and a cat! I live with my family in South Wales, UK. I am a member of a few slimming tips forums and decided to share some of my ideas.


In 2020 we started to get Hello Fresh meals, and I was encouraged to rate them with stars on their website. I had never done this with food before, and it became a good habit. We learned what we liked to cook and what we didn't think was worth it. I tossed the recipe cards of those meals I didn't love and kept the cards of what I liked in a folder. It took the thinking out of what we were going to eat.

I decided to lose my lockdown belly in 2021 and try Slimming World once again. I was Miss Slinky ten years ago, and I wanted to get back to wearing my favourite Jeans. However, I liked the organisation of Hello Fresh and not having to overthink what meals we were going to eat over the next three days. Now I needed to replicate that "pre-arranged meal situation" with slimmer friendly meals. I got a little religious about it and made a Food Bible with recipes I love, which would help me stay on plan, even on days I didn't feel like cooking.


Taking the folder to the shops meant that I no longer needed to take a slimming magazine or three books to get the ingredients for the meals I wanted. I would buy ingredients for three days of meals. I chose 3 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I knew I had balanced HEA, HEB and SYNS. Then three days later I would do the same again and buy fresh.


My husband preferred using a printout when cooking over a clunky book. If we wanted to tweak and improve a recipe, he could write on the printout. Having this wipeable folder meant my books didn't get damaged, and as some of my favourite recipes were not from a cookbook, I could include them in MY BOOK with the syn values included, and so I worked them all out.


I always start with HEA because the first thing I used to have in the morning was Tea.

Will I have tea with milk or eat cheese later? If I fancied pasta that day, I would have mint tea and save my HEA for pasta, so the next question was, which pasta dish do I want?

Like Polo necks were for Steve Jobs, looking through my folder saved me some thinking time. I have one of the meals from each category. I often ate something I batch cooked at lunch. I know that my HEB is often for breakfast, and on occasion, I use it to reduce syns in the main meal, so that day, instead of oats for breakfast, I have a low syn English breakfast.

I called some Syns Woody Allen and some Brad Pitt. I told my husband that if food is a syn, it had better be like putting Brad Pitt in my mouth and not Woody Allen! I wanted it to look and taste amazing; otherwise, what’s the point in having those calories. I listed my go-to favourite syns, which is so personal, and everybody should have a list like this pinned to their fridge to help them.

Now not everyone will love every recipe I include, and I made this recipe bible for myself. However, I began to realise others may benefit from this as an idea or template. I started to compile more and more information pages for myself, listing my favourite HEB & HEA, portable picnic foods, etc. I added new recipes, tweaked older ones and altered some of the original recipes to lower syns even more.

Some recipes originated from old SW magazines, Hello Fresh meals & Sainsbury's recipe cards. Some are just family favourites I have made for years with tweaks to remove calories. All plans require a calorie deficit in the slimmer for them to work. In Slimming World 20, calories are the same as one SYN.


I am not a consultant, chef or nutritionist and so please understand that this is a personal project that I am sharing. You can try it if you like, but I am not responsible for any failures or successes as a result.

If you kindy chose to support my effort with a donation via Paypal or bacs, I would be incredibly grateful. Still, please understand that it is non-refundable, so be sure you are happy with the amount before sending it. For more prescriptive advice, it is essential to follow your slimming world consultant and group members’ guidelines. Slimming World Website


Use this as a template to inspire you to make your version. I love how the sheets are removable, and you can print them off, keep and discard what you will. I like the simple display folder style because they hold plenty of recipes and it is very portable. You can take this to the supermarket or add the pdf to your phone, and you will always have it with you!

You can buy the folder I use on Amazon, and I have created a link of useful items that aid me when slimming and cooking.

I realised I hated grating carrots and cutting up onions, so I don’t do it anymore; instead, I use a machine to do it!

Amazon will give me a small percentage kickback at no extra cost to you; obviously, you can buy these items in other places too.


I didn’t create this to make money, and I offer it for FREE. I love helping people.


Any donation of any amount is appreciated.
My Paypal is lornaslens@gmail.com


You can send any amount via bacs.
My account name - Photography By Lorna LTD
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Alternatively, you can support me by buying a gift from my Amazon wish list.
Thank you so much. You are appreciated, it means a lot.



As I continue to grow my pdf, I will update it from time to time, and I hope it brings you joy and pleasure and helps you in your journey of being a healthier human. If you donate, please include your email to me, and I will add you to an update list.

I fought Breast Cancer in 2016, and that, along with this Pandemic, is more than enough evidence for me that taking care of our health and the health of those that depend on us is more important than anything else. Well done to you for taking positive steps towards a fantastic goal.

Thank you. Please stay safe and enjoy it all.

#lovelife #goodluck #bekind #withlove


If you see typos, incorrect or unclear information, please email me and I will amend the PDF. I really appreciate your help. This document was last updated - 2nd April 2021.

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