Beautiful Ticklish Newborn Session – Baby Boy Tommy

Little Tommy brought his big sister Gwenna and his Mum and Dad to see me. We had a lot of fun, this little man was super cute and had a big case of the ticklish. I simply could not touch him lightly as he would immediately wriggle, or I would send a shiver down his spine and if I touched his feet with anything other than a firm grip he would take them right back. I love how at such a tender age these individual preferences so present in a little human. The personality and little proclivities are right there. His sensitive nature meant he loved to be tightly wrapped up and snuggled up, he much preferred this than being totally nude where even the soft alpaca tie on a little hat touching his skin would tickle him. Kinda made me adore him all the more. Here are some images of him with his gorgeous family.

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