Newborn Baby Boy / Girl Twins – Max & Ava’s Photo Session

Gorgeous Max & Ava, I just love the way the way they look when they are all snuggled up together. Ava looks like she is in charge for the moment. I have found that after speaking with Mums of twins, that they feel that there is always one that dominates for a while. It’s adorable and fascinating. I am an aunt to two sets of twins as two of my sister have twins, as have I, so I find twins quite magical. Well here are some gorgeous images of these beautiful babies. Have a great day. x

newborn-photography-twins-boy-girl-lorna-knightingale-cardiff-vale-photographer newborn-photography-twins-boy-girl-lorna-knightingale-wales-vale-photographer newborn-photography-twins-boy-girl-lorna-knightingale-cardiff-newport-photographernewborn-photographer-twins-boy-girl-lorna-knightingale-cardiff-vale-photography

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