Pay It Forward – Cardiff Children, Newborn And Family Photography

I was recently contacted by Mississippi photographer Katie. She and 5 other photographers have started a movement called “Pay It Forward” in the USA.  If you haven’t seen the movie called PAY IT FORWARD check out Wiki.

Their goal is to share this idea for a project and hope other photographers all over the world would join in. Photographers like myself take submissions from families, children or home town heroes.  One of these will be chosen to receive a photo session for the holiday season. It is our way of “paying it forward” this year.

So if you know someone who really could do with a lift and the gift of custom portraiture get in touch and tell my why you think they should get a beautiful photo session.

This is a gift 100% and there are no fees or sales attached, simply sharing the love and goodwill.

I would love to hear from you.

02920 311500

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