The Gift Of All Those Perfectly Ordinary Days – Love Today.

I saw this video and had to share it, I think every mum will cry, there will be tears of joy and also of sorrow, it really makes the point that we have to appreciate even the little things, even the things that bug us today, because one day, sooner than we think, they will be dearly missed.

There are what the best memories are made of …. mine really are full of daisy bouquets, pinky swears and lop-sided snowmen, I love those kissable cheeks and infectious giggles right now!
This life you live today, is just one chapter. Savour every minute of the life you have right now.
Recently, I took my little boys bowling and I didn’t even know that Leo could moonwalk! He must have been practising in the school yard and it explains why I have to replace his shoes so often. These little things are so adorable and they make me melt. Perfectly ordinary but so precious.
Enjoy motherhood.

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