Dating App Profiles


Dating apps require five or more up-to-date photos for your profile. Most images shown on apps are taken in bad lighting and hardly ever showcase you in a way that supports the purpose of your profile.
Too many repeat images of a person in the same place, all selfies, only you without company, and no full-length photos taken reduces your chance of the right swipe.

According to most app users, photos with pets, photos displaying hobbies, candid photos, photos from travel, photos that include formal wear and photos of the user playing a musical instrument, and good portraits of your face and another full-length do represent a more rounded view of the person looking to date and are more appealing.


We don't walk around all the time with a photographer to get images like this, but what if you could hire someone to get a varied selection of great images that look like they were taken over a few months, all done in one day? The aim is to show you at your best, and it only takes some planning and some outfits.


Profiles with only one good portrait but the rest look boring will still struggle. Several good images that tell a story about you instantly will make a difference. A studio portrait is a great start. After that, we want to see you having fun. If you are a pet owner, then a full body of you with your pet is perfect. Walking a dog on the beach can be a great full-length body photo and expresses your love for your furry friend at the same time.


I am located about 30 minutes from Cardiff City or Barry, and the mountains make it easy for us to travel to a few locations to get variety in your photos. If you are stuck for a location, St Fagans Museum (two images above) is great as they have a children's park, coffee shops, zip wire, a lake, various exhibitions, nature walks, dog friendly, and a pub opposite. We need good light for outside images, so these are taken when the sun is low an hour before sunset or just after sunset. On overcast days, we can shoot this a little later.

• A studio portrait at my home-studio near Llantrisant. We drink (tea-coffee) and chat about what you would like. Wear something smart for your portrait. I am very patient and can work with camera-shy people. This can be done at the beginning or end of the day. (A smart top, shirt, or dress, as this is quite a tight shot).

• Change clothes for a full-length body photo. In nature, a field, or a beach with nice light if you have a pet. Outside, rain or shine is nice, so wear season-appropriate clothes. (A casual outfit with appropriate footwear could be wearing a coat in cool weather).


• Candid & Family and friends. We can go to a coffee shop or ice cream parlour or even a bar you like where we can meet a willing friend or family member. I will shoot you from across the room with my sports lens for a lovely interactive shot of you laughing together or simply watching the live music, reading, playing pool, or feeding the ducks.

(A casual outfit with appropriate footwear; change your jacket or remove it and wear your hair differently).


• Hobbies/Job: Cooking, playing pool, writing, sports/yoga, bowling, art museum etc. This may take more consideration as we may need to go to a specific location; whatever we do, we need to plan. E.g. If you like to cook at home, ensure you have things ready and laid out before we arrive. This is an opportunity to change and photograph you with your best friend, pet, or child. If you do your hobby outside of your home, then let me know beforehand.


Four to five changes will be needed to ensure you look different enough. For ladies, I advise some hair up and hair down, as well as a change of lipstick. If you have no hair, casual shots with your favourite cap or beanie are fine. I have a brochure with some basic advice for clothing that I can send you.


The studio photoshoot will take place in my home studio, about 17 minutes west of Cardiff and is easy to get to.

Sessions are Monday or Saturday. Where we begin will depend on the images we plan for, and I will discuss the best times for certain images based on available natural light, which will change for each season.

How To Book

PRICE: £299 for five or £349 for ten.

Additional images are available to purchase at £40.


• Presession planning and styling advice.

• 2–3-hour photoshoot in the studio and on location.
• Expert and safe posing of you and your family.
• Photoshop retouching of a selected number of portraits that you have hand-picked.
• High-quality printable digital files of your choice and the opportunity to add more. Sent via we-transfer.


After The Session

I carefully retouch the images you selected on the day of your shoot, and I edit them in Photoshop to make you look well-rested. I back up the files for safety and then send them to you via we-transfer.
When you get the email, it will include a handy consent to print, a small digital copy for social media sharing, and a high-resolution file for printing at the lab of your choice. If required, I am happy to crop headshots for your CV, Online profiles and Spotlight listing.


"Recommended 100% - Lorna photographed two portraits for CD covers, just how I wanted them and in no time. Friendly service. Great value & expertise, photos are great, Lorna, thank you very much for such a top job & a swift turnaround." - John Gilheaney


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Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family and child portraits on location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Penarth, Caerphilly, The Vale and South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales Number 07976762