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Children’s Photographer Cardiff | Homework Fun

My son Leo is seven. We regularly get homework for him and our littlest two who are only 4 years old. It’s usually reading and number practising.
Our school tries to make it as fun for them as possible and so they are quite inventive. I like that, learning should be fun.
It was the first day back to school after the half term holiday, that Leo came hurtling into my room at 7.30am, I was still dosing after a late Sunday catching up with housework and climbing the Everest mountain that was my ironing pile! Inside his school bag he had found another slip for homework. Homework we hadn’t completed. Blurry eyed, I read the slip.

It read:
*Please write a mini review of your favourite book. Take a photograph of you reading the book in an unusual place while you are reading it. Please return to school Monday.*

Today was Monday. I couldn’t believe I missed this, it was such an opportunity to be really creative and have fun with him and we were out of time. Ahh!

I nipped out the camera and shot in the only place we had some good light. My window sill. I just wanted to share this image with you because even though it was taken under almost crazy circumstances, I am really pleased with the result. Leo looks exactly as he does when he gets out of bed, I love his wild hair backlit, mismatched pyjamas (robot bottoms and Spider man top) with his little feet looking so darn cute.
He is reading “Danny Champion of the World” by Roald Dahl. It’s such a sweet memory.

After this, he wrote his little review and I printed the photo out for him to take to school.

Now I can’t wait to see if we he will get a gold star? 😉

Here are the helpful websites for teaching your kiddos. and

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