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Children’s Photography Cardiff | Mothers Day Memories, I’m So Lucky!

I’m so very lucky! – This morning I was woken by the speedy stomping of 3 pairs of relativity small feet approaching my bedroom, then I was lovingly “attacked” with beautiful kisses as I tired to focus. I was plastered with wet kisses and envelopes were thrust in my face! D’Arcy reminded Beau not to spoil the surprises to come, he said
“Beau don’t say anything to Mummy about the flowers, it’s a secret surprise!” to which Beau replied “Flowers, flowers!”

After my cards we opened and flowers presented and my coffee finally kicked in, I started to think about what mothers day means for me. So here it is.
Firstly I hope my husband hasn’t forgotten, mainly because he would probably have heart failure if he did. I know how that feels, I forgot his Birthday one year…disaster  (Oh and I will never live that down).

Then mainly this. I am so very lucky to have had two amazing mothers. Not just one but two. Both completely and totally wonderful.

Christine was my mother for the first seven years of my life, 7 years, 7 months and 13 days to be precise. She loved me and cared for me until she passed away in my fathers arms at age 26. She died from Leukaemia. She gave me two little sisters and baby brother. Now she has nine grandchildren that include two sets of twins. I see her ever present in my eldest son Leo, Leo will be seven this coming June.

And there is my Mum Pauline. She is amazing, she gave me three more siblings and then a new baby sister to boot. It was just like the Brady Bunch, a widow married a widower and together they brought up 8 children.
It was a crazy house, but one full of noise and mess and fun! My Mum never booked a single Holiday without taking all of us. We all had fantastic Christmases even though it was not part of her religion. She was the calm to the storm during our teens and a fabulous cook that made all my friends want to come for tea.  Now she has seventeen grandchildren that include three sets of twins.

Well, I did tell you I was lucky didn’t I?  Thinking of you both today. Happy Mothers day to you, and to all you fabulous Mothers…

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