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Newborn Photography Cardiff – Popular Poses

Newborn babies can be posed in various beautiful, safe, and comfortable ways for their little bodies. I studied newborn anatomy and newborn soothing, and in general, if a baby looks uncomfortable in a photo, then we feel uncomfortable looking at it. Also, babies that are not happy will not sleep well or be able to be put in a pose.

Photographers put babies in the most popular poses during a newborn photo session.

Wrapped Poses
This is where your baby is wrapped like a little burrito, all snuggled up. This is commonly used in the following shots.

• The potato upright pose

• The tower with stars or flowers

• Siblings on the flokati rug

• The sleepy bed birdseye

• Bowl/Bucket birdseye

• Parent/Family poses

Semi Wrapped
These poses take a little longer as the little one exposes more of their body—cute arms and feet to be adored, but the bottom is covered up still. These are available in Classic Sessions.

• Bucket Pose

• Bowl/ Basket

• Unicorn/Horse

Naked Bean Bag
These sweet poses take a little longer and require a very sleepy baby. Exposing all their cute dimples and rolls are among most people’s favourite poses, with variations in each pose.

• Tushy up

• Side sleeper

• Womb/Taco

• Facing Forward

Speciality & Extras
Little chair poses and poses like the Froggy and skin-on-skin with a parent are lovely. These take either more time in post-production (froggy is a merge of two images) or more time posing for safety. Macro images are gorgeous and should be requested, as a specific lens is used for these magical close-ups and takes a little more time. Understandably some photographs cannot or will not do some of these poses as not all work with an assistant.

• Little Chair

• Macro

• Froggy

• Siblings with a prop

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