Tiny, perfect toes, downy skin and fluffy hair. Those details and the way they sleep, so calm and sweet. It's hard to imagine that only 9 months ago they did not exist in the world. This is the feeling parents have and I want you to remember that because it continues throughout our lives and it is so easy to forget these things as we all get older.

I am well practised and trained to handle newborns. I also have experience with tiny babies that were born prematurely like twins or born with a condition, like a cleft palate, Down syndrome and complications as a result of a difficult birth. Individual physical limitations and sensitivities are taken on board during the session. I am always patient and I expertly soothes your baby with tried and tested techniques that will keep your baby comfortable and safe throughout. I only shoot when I am well and I am fully vaccinated against all childhood diseases, hand- sanitiser is used always.



During the first week of your newborn's life, you are trying to settle into a routine, learning to feed, and trying to sleep.

So, to capture the magical newness of your baby, I urge parents to book and pay for their session when they are pregnant. This will ensure that I am not only available when your baby arrives, also that you are 100% confident that between 5-12 days old your baby will be celebrated by being photographed, beautifully, expertly and safely as possible.

Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family & child photography
on-location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Newport, The Vale, and the South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales number 07976762
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Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family and child portraits on location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Penarth, Caerphilly, The Vale and South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales Number 07976762