Nobody wants to forget those tiny perfect toes, soft skin, fluffy hair, and that swirly crown. The way they sleep, pout and yawn will disappear, and regretfully, so will our memory! Professional photographs are life-affirming and a celebration of the love for your baby, for you and your family.


It's not possible to take some of these portraits without specialist posing, equipment and photography skills.

I am well practised and trained to handle newborns. I also have experience with tiny babies born prematurely, twins and babies with a condition, like a cleft palate, Down syndrome, and complications as a result of a difficult birth. Individual physical limitations and sensitivities are taken on board during the session. I am always patient, and I expertly soothe your baby with tried and tested techniques that will keep your baby comfortable and safe throughout. I only shoot when I am well, and I am fully vaccinated against all childhood diseases; hand- sanitiser is always used.

2-4 hour photo session in my home
Use of my vintage props that includes beautiful blankets, chairs and stools.
Pre-session pack with clothing guidance and session ideas.
Pre-session planner to help your session flow well.
Up to 30 hand-edited portraits to select from following your shoot.
Exclusive and beautiful crafted wall art, frames, prints and digital product options available to purchase following your session. Digital and print products are sold separately.



During the first week of your newborn's life, you are trying to settle into a routine, learning to feed, and trying to sleep.

I urge parents to book and pay for their session when they are pregnant. Booking ahead will ensure that I am available when your baby arrives, and they will fit into props and be safe and comfortable in all poses. I set aside two dates in my diary around your due date, and should we need a third option for a super late or early baby, I will accommodate you. Newborns are photographed between 5-12 days old.


The photoshoots take place in my home studio, which is about 17 minutes west of Cardiff and is easy to get to.

Sessions are midweek, starting at 9.45 am until 2 pm. I encourage parents and siblings to be photographed with the baby.

I will help you have a smooth and easy photo session, and I provide you with a checklist, planning tips, clothing options and tricks to help the shoot go well!

Choose Your Session

Creative Photo Session - £150
The creative session fee covers the cost of my time and expertise at the photoshoot and editing and retouching of 30 images for you to select from. I take this payment on booking. Digital and printed products are not included.

All prints, digital files, wall art product and collections are separately priced à la carte. This allows you the freedom to choose what you want after you see your portraits, then you can decide what products to buy! I find my customers prefer this flexibility because everyone wants something different, some want all the digital files and a framed art for the wall, some want small or larger multiple wall displays. Typically customers spend between £495-£2550 on products respectively.
Check out my best sellers.

I carefully select up to 30 of the best images, and over a few days, I edit them in Photoshop to make everyone look well-rested.
I back up the files for safety and then create a video slideshow.

Approximately two weeks after your photoshoot, you will be invited to see the images and product options at my home studio. I will help you choose your favourite portraits and decide how you would like to enjoy them in the future. You can browse all the products, and then I will create mock-ups of the images in products to help you decide what to order.
I take payment for orders on the day. Payment plans are available as well.

Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family & child photography
on-location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Newport, The Vale, and the South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales number 07976762
Box 362 Cardiff CF10 1YQ

Lorna Knightingale Photography Newborn Studio, Llantrisant, CF72
07779 014 342 | lorna@photographybylorna.co.uk

Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family and child portraits on location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Penarth, Caerphilly, The Vale and South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales Number 07976762