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Newborn Photography South Wales | Poses & Props

I am aware that when it comes to newborn posing that the biggest priority for me is safe posing and this means that not every baby can pose in some of these positions. Over the years I have photographed premature babies, babies with broken arms, cleft pallets, heavy babies, breech births, and newborns with down syndrome. While I promise to do my best to get all the cute curly poses parents would like, it is really up to baby what happens on the day. I would never force a baby into a position that I feel is either unsafe or one they seem to be very uncomfortable in. I love to see how your baby would be happy, on his back, his tummy and or his side and if he is strong, super sleepy or wide awake checking out the world. I am guided by your baby and this way the session will produce beautiful images no matter what poses we end up doing. Here are some of my standard poses, in props or on the bean bag that you might recognise.

Vintage Props

Vintage Crate Prop – Baby wrapped lying in a rustic crate.

Vintage Bucket Prop – Baby posed in a vintage bucket with arms free to fall comfortably, such a chilled out pose and one of my huge favourites.

Vintage Bowl Prop – A sweet relaxed pose with a baby wrapped if needed or nude and lying on his back, this is perfect for super sleepy babies.

The Little Vintage Bed – The squishy little body with a leg dangling off the edge of the bed, so peaceful and pretty.

The Extra Props – Car, Bench, Pram, a lovely additional option for the bigger collections to create big wall displays or an album.


Chin In Hands Pose – This is a sweet pose that is best for smaller babies and it is most often requested for little boys.

The Potato Sack / Beanbag Pose – Baby has been wrapped up and looks like a sweet little bean.

Womb /  Beanbag Pose – This is the squishiest of all the poses, curled up so neatly as if they were still growing in utero.

Side Snuggle / Beanbag Pose – The adorable knees together and curled up in the foetal position that looks so cosy and relaxed.

Tushy Up / Beanbag Pose – Bottom in the air with sweet little toes, squishy cheeks and body those wrinkles.

Head On Arms / Beanbag Pose – Sweet little elbows out and hands under the chin for this cute little tummy pose.

Nighty Night / Beanbag Pose – Under a blanket snug as a bug, asleep or waiting to count sheep!

Laid Back / Beanbag Pose – The sweet belly buttons, toes and hands, an adorable pose with wraps, little outfits or nude.

Siblings Pose – Big brothers and sisters loving on the new arrival.

Mummy & Me Pose – My favourite ones of togetherness. Bare skin or if you are worried about accidents we can wrap your baby, to hide a nappy underneath.

Daddy & Me Pose – It’s enough to make your heart beat like a mouse! I love Dad and baby skin on skin, and I don’t shoot Dads tummy unless he is happy.

Togetherness Pose – The one your baby will love the very most, so this is one for your baby.

Special Shots

Macro Lens Shots – Those mega close-up shots of baby’s beautiful baby parts. Bubbles on lips, milia milk spots on button noses, tiny hands and feet and gorgeous lashes and tufts of hair.


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