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Family Photographer Cardiff | What To Wear For Your Photo Session

Plan It In Advance
Selecting clothes is not rocket science, we do it every day but it takes a little forethought and imagination to get your family members to look like they belong together in a photograph. This does not have to be formal or matchy matchy, but there must be something linking you all together, too many big patterns, colours and logos will make it look messy and distracting.

Seasons Matter
No matter what season you decide to have your photographs taken you and your family will want to be warm and comfortable outside, so it’s essential that we dress for the current season as well as considering the style and look of your session.

Logos and Patterns
Patterns are best limited to small ones, avoid tight stripes and check as these can sometimes look odd in video and in photographs. I like Dads to wear solid colours and let either Mum or one the kids wear pattern from which your pallet will come from. Logos date photographs and often stand out, I tend to avoid them completely, the only exception is when I am doing a specific themed session.

A handy tip is to start with a colour palette. I like to use three colours for this. This will almost always include a neutral colour, and two complementary or tonal colours to use as accents to add interest. You can see what you already have in the closet and then begin there.

A quick explanation of what these are from BBC home design says:-

• Neutrals are one of the easiest groups of colours, or non-colours to work with. They don’t appear on the colour wheel and include Black, Grey, White and sometimes Brown and Beige. They all go together and can be layered and mixed and matched. No neutral colour will try to dominate over another.
Complementary  colours are ones that are opposite to one another on the colour wheel. These colours are naturally made to ‘go’ with one another – think of the red and green of an apple, or the purple and yellow of an iris.
• Tonal monochromatic scheme means you use just one colour but in varying tones, dark blues like navy, light blues and blueish greys.
• Accent colours  are used in quite small quantities to lift or to add punch to a colour scheme. It works best if it’s a bright, vibrant colour. Accent colours are perfect if you’re scared of using strong colour – simply add a splash of an accent colour to your outfit with accessories.

You don’t have to all wear the same outfits or the same three colours to achieve this, it’s a good idea to have everyone wear at least one colour that another person is wearing in the pallet.
Don’t be afraid of colour-pops, a photograph can take colour, just use the bright colours in the small props, shoes or part of a small pattern  Accessories can add a splash of colour, scarves, hats gloves and shoes can be bright and in-keeping with your chosen palette. Lots of texture and layering is a great way to achieve a different look in your photos, just peel off or add layers for your individual portraits. Always consider what will look well with your surroundings Autumn colours of rich browns, golds, deep  purples, and rusts and will look so much better photographed in October than pastels which are more suited to the Summer time.

Bring anything that helps tell your story. My son loves strawberries and so I used them in his photographs, it’s part of him. If your daughter loves her special teddy bear, bring it along.Here are some great ideas to bring if you have them:-
Swords and shields, super hero mask and cape, hats, skateboards, flowers, umbrella’s, vintage prams, granny blankets, kiddo chairs, paper planes, scooters and scarves.


Do the squint test, pop your chosen clothes onto the bed so you can see them all and then look at them through blurry eyes. If something is really distracting it will pop out right then. This gives you the chance to take something else aswel and if your not certain your photographer can always help. I can be skyped @Lorna Knightingale.

I love my colour wheel, it’s pocket sized and I take it shopping, this helps me with tonal and complementary colours. Amazon.

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