Twin Boys Cuddly Newborn Boys – Musa And Isa

Well twins! I mean really there is nothing cuter than baby plus more baby right? How excited was I, I was in love from the moment I saw them, all that yummy hair and eyelashes to die for. These little men were so wonderful, I simply could not get enough of them.  Mum and Dad work hard on their franchise business in Cardiff, and half way through our session Dad popped out and brought back a ton of food for us to eat and it was amazing. The first time my client has fed me during a newborn photo session. Usually I am the one doing the feeding. Dad really wanted to include a few home props and so we managed to do two fun images for his office with his boys in their orange branding and another in a Wok! It was such a lot of fun. I really hope to see them again when they are walking and able to hold their own chopsticks.



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