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Children’s Photographer Cardiff | Dressing Up Ideas For Your Family Photo Session

Do you sometimes delay getting photographs taken with your family because you just don’t know what to wear for the session? Or simply thinking about all that organising gives you a headache? Sometimes it adds a lot to the final cost because you just know you are going to be tempted to shop at Baby Dior and Joules for new outfits. Don’t I know it!


Your photographer can help you, this is what I suggest.

Here is what you didn’t know. Custom photographers can help you out because they know how important it is to get this bit right. We don’t allow it to chance. We like to make sure that your photographs are going to be gorgeous and look timeless. Clothes are a big factor in that.

Take advantage of your pre-session consultation. This is when we have some fun thinking of how the look of your session will turn out. A good starting point is deciding on a an ideal location.  This makes choosing the clothes so much easier after that. Then we can choose a fun theme to go with the location, this works especially well for photos of just the children because you can use fancy dress costumes which they love and it’s so much fun for them.

Then we can change into more regular clothing options for the whole family after that because we really want you to look like YOU in your photos.

For example we decide on a beach location so,“pirates costumes” would look super cool on the beach and the children can act this out with attitude and style. Then for the family photo we can change into something you would normally wear to the beach,  nautical inspired outfits, traditional linens or even swimwear with buckets and spades, dressing up will add interest for the children, and provide more options for your portraits later.
“Fairies, princesses and animal costumes” look great in the woods and a pretty floral dress for the change up. You can see that once you decide on the location it is so much easier to work out what to wear..


Tell me your children’s clothes sizes in advance and I will bring along my own accessories to create a new fun look. Alternatively you can email me photos of your clothes or links to anything that you have in mind. I also offer all my clients the opportunity to book me for a full consultation, that way, I can personally help you select clothes from home, or even go with you on a shopping trip.

cardiff-photographer-boy-as-a spring-lamb-from-peter-pan

Handy Dandy Tips – Choosing Clothes For Your Family Photo Session

Get inspired by old photographs, postcards or a movie that you have seen.
Borrow items from your family and friends if you know they have an adorable red coat or cute blanket to wrap up in. Ask them if you can use it for a photo session (I do this all the time).
Shop around! If you are having a hard time finding what you want, look in unusual places, see ebay for costumes, hire outfits at your local theatrical hire shop and you can also go to charity shops and flea markets for vintage items and costumes.
Squint:  You want your family’s clothes to look great together for your photo session! Lay out your outfits on the bed and then squint. You want the colors to complement one another without being overpowering.  If an item stands out too much or if patterns look strange while you are squinting replace it with something different. This way no one person will dominate your attention in the portraits. The clothes are meant to enhance but never distract you from the subject.
Go classic, classic denim and white tee always works.


However you decide to approach it, it can be fun and part of the creative process that will result in more exciting photographs of your family.

But if all that is too much, and it can be for someone with little children, please give me a call and let me do some of that for you. Lets face it, you know you are going to love the photographs whatever they are wearing.


Inspired by my boys for their love of Peter Pan and the lost boys.


We are huge lovers of Disney in our house and love to have our own fantasy fun.


We have so many dressing up costumes, I can’t complain, they get used a lot.


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