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Corporate & Commercial Photography Partnerships: Making Your Business Better!

The aim is to meet your business photography needs. I provide images for your website, social media, and other marketing materials. I set up a meeting with you to learn about you and your business to create beautiful imagery that accurately communicates your business values to your customers. I effectively capture what you do and show how you do it in a way that creates a buzz about your business and brand, whether you are a large company or just starting out.


I have worked with small and large businesses in and around South Wales and also headshots for authors, musicians, actors, models, and child models. I also volunteer for several charities and community-based organisations.



Suppose you want new profile images for your LinkedIn and social media. In that case, staffing team portraits, some imagery of your staff serving customers, products you offer, services you provide, covering an important promotional event or even a dating app portrait, do get in touch.

If you want just one portrait and don't need more, please see my ONE PORTRAIT SESSION.


Studio Only

Studio sessions begin at 10am.


My little studio is about 17 minutes west of Cardiff and is easy to get to. Sessions are midweek, starting at 9.45 am until 2 pm. See My Studio Here


Studio & On-Location Sunrise

If we shoot close to the studio, a combination of studio and location is available. We meet at the location the first hour after sunrise and finish the shoot at my small home studio afterwards.

On-Location Only, Sunrise or Sunset
I recommend outside shoots where the location is far from my studio, or you may prefer the shoot at sunset. Sessions start the first hour after sunrise or an hour and a half before sunset for that gorgeous glow! The time will differ depending on the season, and we can discuss your best times.

Post Processing Photoshop
High-Quality Digital Files
Options To Buy More
Includes The FollowingOne Image - £69
Three - £150
Five - £199
Eight - £280


It is ideal if you need photographs of your products and services and/or headshots for your company website or social media.

I can set up at your place of work and shoot for up to three hours. I usually need to check the space in case I need to use natural or flash lighting.


The digital files will be sent to you via we-transfer. Perfect for small businesses that need updated images for their online brand.

Telephone Consultation
Post Processing Photoshop
Headshots and Product
High-Quality Digital Files
Options To Buy Extra
Includes The FollowingThirty £399


You can now come to my home- studio or be photographed outside with natural light. Ideal for dating apps. I can photograph you doing your favourite hobby or sport, with your pet and even having coffee with a friend. Be the best on the app at showcasing who you are instead of the usual photo taken with an iPhone in the bathroom.

One digital portrait is included and will be sent via wetransfer. See my one-portrait options.

Booking & Payment

You are welcome to call me on 07779 014 342 to ask questions. Please email or text me to confirm the suitability of any discussed dates. I will send you my bank details so you can pay via BACS. Once I have received the session fee, I will send confirmation.



"Lorna photographs my work as a lucky singing chimney sweep for weddings. I would recommend her to anyone wanting quality photographs, and she is so creative; she is creative, and nothing is too much for her. My entire website is looking amazing now! "

- J Gilmore


"My flyers look amazing. As a new business, I need to showcase my work as I build and grow. Thank you, Lorna, for the fantastic images. This has helped me so much. "

- Susanna Shannon@SS Therapies.


"The photographs Lorna took for us make our website look more welcoming. Lorna completed all nine of our featured projects, including Kin & Ilk, Cameo, Act training centre, and Brickworks, in one day. It has made such a positive difference to our clients."

- Victoria @BWM Windows


Specialist newborn baby photography, maternity, family, and child photography on-location in Cardiff, RCT, Miskin, Cowbridge, The Vale, Newborn, Bridgend, Caerphilly, and South Wales areas. EST 2011. Registered in England and Wales - Number 0796762

Lorna Knightingale Photography
The Newborn Studio,

Nr. Llantrisant.
Mobile - 07779 014 342

Lorna specialises in newborn baby photography, maternity, family and child portraits on location in Cardiff, Miskin, Cowbridge, Penarth, Caerphilly, The Vale and South Wales area.
Registered in England & Wales Number 07976762