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Is a Newborn Photo Shoot Worth It? Any Regrets?

The first image is of Baby Calon and his parents, and the second is of Calon holding his baby sister Cariad.

Nobody can say whether a Newborn session is ideal for you. Everyone values different things. However, as an experienced photographer, I give you the information you may need to get some beautiful images to cherish, limiting stress and providing a positive experience. Here are a few things to consider if you want a session when your baby is new.


Some may think it is torture to leave the house with a newborn and see a photographer when their baby is a week old. The idea seems counterproductive. However, many photographers offer a service for in-home photo sessions. Another option is to select someone close to your location. Finally, the other is selecting a very accommodating photographer who understands your feelings. They make the whole thing a good memory for you because they have been there and know how to make this possible.

I have my customers come to my studio because I can control the light and consistently provide good-quality images for them. In Wales, people often have homes of varying sizes and do not always have enough light. My equipment for a session is vast, fragile and expensive. For the safety of my customers and myself, I prefer to work in an environment where I can provide the best and safest results.

When I shoot, I photograph my parents last, giving them time to watch me work, sleep, put on some makeup, catch up on email, watch a movie, or get a foot massage from Dad while I work with their baby. If a Mum has an older child, we work with them first to get those sibling shots, and then they are excused. Toddlers can shoot off with Dad or Granny to the play centre nearby or get snacks in the numerous options local to the Studio so that Mum can chill.


Not everyone wants or can afford a lot of images, but important ones are the family portraits, some with siblings and some of the baby alone. Check that your photographer offers many different collections with options for a few images and the option to purchase more later. Smaller collections should include these very important moments, as the images of the baby are for you, and the images of you are for your baby.

Don’t wait until the baby is older because someone said they have no personality at a week old. All babies are unique, and we are not capturing “personality” as much as their essence. For example, we capture the occasion and how the baby looks in detail; some of those details will change fast. Babies will show personality in tiny smiles, pouts, and posing preferences. Seeing that your entire child can fit into your and your partner’s hands and the comparison between them is amazing.

We want to remember the newness, the tiny hairs on a baby’s back that will be gone in two weeks, the button nose dotted with while millia that will be replaced with baby acne a fortnight later, and the soft expression of a newborn, which is milk-drunk bliss. As a mother of Twins, I can attest that no two siblings or babes are identical, even twins. Babies are unique, and this is your baby, and that is what we are celebrating.

The older baby session can still happen when the baby is sitting up. You don’t have to choose between them; if you book them together, you will often pay less overall.
Not one of my customers regrets having a newborn shoot.

Knowing this will cost, inform family and friends that you wish to capture the baby at this age and have them collectively purchase a session for a baby shower gift. It will bring you joy and pleasure much longer than clothes or toys ever could. Grandparents especially understand the value of photographs. Our memories fail us as we age, so these portraits are priceless.


This is essential for a stress-free time, as information packs should be available and will help you and your family prepare. You will have dates saved with the understanding that they can change, and there is no risk of you not having your portraits taken.

A good photographer can advise you and give you clear ideas of what to expect on the day. I have worked with parents and children who have a multitude of diagnoses. I value good communication in advance to help my customers have the very best experience.

Having a shoot in the first week means we capture everything, and both parents can be there with time off work. If your partner cannot attend, another relative can come, and Grandmothers can also have a beautiful newborn portrait.

Finally, if you have any issues due to anxiety, illness, or just sheer fear of the camera, call and talk this through with your photographer so that they can put you at ease. It is a good idea to read independent reviews on places like Google Maps, etc., for an idea of the experiences of other parents when selecting your photographer.


“I could not thank Lorna enough! I had to have my baby early because of pre-eclampsia and cholestasis, and I didn’t look into a newborn shoot until I came home from the hospital, which was almost a week after my baby’s birth.

Lorna very kindly fitted me in for the shoot – as normally it needs to be done quite soon after birth and scheduled somewhat in advance – but it was such a success! She has great experience, and being an anxious FTM over everything, she settled my nerves. My baby loved being swaddled and snored through the photo shoot. You can see Lorna has lots of experience with newborns and was able to keep me at ease! She also gave me such amazing parenting tips, especially as I have been struggling with breastfeeding.

Lorna has been wonderful to work with, and I am so thankful for everything She has done.
The photos were amazing, and I couldn’t stop crying because of how lovely they are.

Thank you again for everything, Lorna. I look forward to having more photographs done in the future.”
– Nikita Tandy (pictured below)


As mothers and women, what we do is mostly celebrated when we become someone’s wife. Personally, I believe that becoming a mother is, without question, the most important life event. You will always be their precious Mother, and they will always be your precious child no matter how much time passes.
If you can be remembered and exist in photographs, your children’s children can celebrate that one day too.

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